About us


In the middle of the 2020 pandemic three long time friends sat down together to talk about the situation and what they could do about it.

The discussion led to sanitizers.

Right at that moment we all had the same thought: Why does it seem that every product out there is more or less the same? Couldn't there be someone who would take the sanitizing to the next level and be proud about it?

We shouldn't be ashamed of taking care of ourselves right?

Exactly and NO, we shouldn't. We can show our fellow people that being protected is fine, in fact, it's a cool thing to do! But can we do something more tha being just "cool"?


We had been previously collaborating with the well known Finnish brand Moomin and like a lightning from the sky it hit us and we yelled more or less simultaneously: OURSEA!

Read what #OURSEA is about


With the great network we had, we managed to present our idea to Moomin. They were excited and we shook hands.

Fast forward to August 2020. Our launch took place in a pop-up store in Helsinki, Finland.

That same day we also launched this website and we are exctied! Not only because we got our products out in a short time, but because we are now a part of something greater: We are the ones that carries the Moomin message, we donate to charity and we do all this while being the happiest Moomins in the valley!

By buying one of our #OURSEA products you are actually giving hope for the survival of the Baltic Sea. For every purchased #OURSEA product we donate an amount to John Nurminen foundation, which is the foremost key player in preserving the unique nature of the Baltic Sea.

We want to be able to see a glimpse of the european flounder ones again. We want to watch the white-tailed eagle wheel across the sky. We want to make an impact on preserving the archipelago, the shores, the depths and all between and we want to make that happen with YOU!

By buying our product you too can be proud. Lift your bottles into the air and say: I'm proud and I'm helping!

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