Winter Hand Sanitizers | Caring for hands even in winter frosts | Limited Edition | 70 % alcohol

The new Moomin® hand sanitizers are designed especially for winter frosts.

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As we know, winter frosts and washing your hands with warm water dry your hands more than in other seasons. For this problem, we wanted to develop our very own hand sanitizer, which moistens the hands even during the cold winter months and still being highly disinfectant with 70 % alcohol.

In addition to skin-care glycerin, we added a touch of Aloe Vera extract to the Moomin® hand sanitizers, which keeps your hands comfortably soft throughout the long winter.

This winter we got some snow and low temperatures which means these new hand sanitizers will work brilliantly as moisturizers for everyday use.

Order your own Moomin® hand sanitizers from our online store and you might experience that hand disinfection can be not only responsible, but also very pleasant.

We strongly believe that you will use these hand sanitizers, even if you don’t leave your home - They are so good (at least in our opinion)!

This is a limited edition of 200 pieces, so hurry up to get yours before the batch runs out!

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