Moomin® products | Hand Sanitizers

Moomin® products are now more popular than ever. There are probably many reasons for this and the film Tove, which premiered this fall, has certainly added to its popularity even further. No wonder, after all, the film Tove is even a Finnish Oscar nominee.

But Moomins and Moomin® products really represent a lot of things. The Moomins are caring and represent everything each of us would like to be. It is easy to identify with the Moomins and you can easily take examples of the Moomins. The different characters tell their own story and even after the missteps and disagreements, they are all united in the end.

Our Moomin® products follow this same ideology or world of thought.

We want to offer everyone the opportunity to take care of themselves and their fellow human beings, even if it is difficult at times.

For these reasons, Moomin® products are also an important part of our product range.

The most popular Moomin® products vary according to the Finnish seasons. In the summer you want something fresh and maybe something a little exotic, like the smell of papaya, while in the winter you want to keep your hands in good condition and prepare for frost.

Our Moomin® products are:

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